Joe’s Record

Since taking office in 2010, Joe has made necessary reforms resulting in benefits to all residents of Cook County. Among those reforms are: streamlining the office generating substantial savings year after year, improving the appeals process for home owners and recouping lost revenue.
Improved Appeals Process
The appeal process has been streamlined and is much more open and responsive to home owners. Record numbers of appeals have been welcomed and processed.
Shortened Assessment Cycle
The assessment cycle has been dramatically shortened. This is a key component in reaching the goal of consistently having tax bills issued on time.
Recovered Lost Revenue
In 2012 Berrios proposed legislation (signed by Gov. Quinn in 2013) making it possible to recover revenue lost because of erroneous exemptions. To date, more than $28 million has been billed and approximately $18.6M has been recovered and returned directly to taxing bodies. Savings continue because those erroneous exemptions are eliminated from future tax years.
Saving Money and Increasing Efficiency
Under Joe's leadership, The number of employees has been reduced to 283 from 385 when he took office. The savings to taxpayers is substantial.
On Time Tax Bills
Tax Bills have gone out on time every year since Joe became Assessor, which is now five straight years. On-time tax bills assure that school districts, municipalities and other taxing bodies receive revenue on time and thus do not have to borrow money via Tax Anticipation Notes (TAN). By eliminating that borrowing, tens of millions of dollars in interest are saved each year; those savings are passed on to taxpayers.
Eliminated Backlog
There was a backlog of 10,000 unprocessed Certificates of Error in the Assessor’s office when Berrios took office. Today, that number averages only 350 on any given day–a low number, by industry standards, when one considers there are 1.8 million pieces of property in Cook County.